The HP Outdoors Waterfowl Podcast

In this episode of the HP Outdoors Waterfowl Podcast we discuss things to consider when buying a hunting shotgun.  We are also joined by Tim Schloss to discuss waterfowl taxidermy.

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In this episode we talk hunting buddies, what makes a good one and what makes a bad one.  We are also joined by Barton Ramsey of Southern Oak Kennels to discuss gun dogs and retriever training.  This episode is a little longer but it's packed with a TON of great information! 

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In this episode we discuss the differences between 3" and 3.5" waterfowl loads and we are joined by Avery Outdoors and Field Proven Calls Pro-Staffer, Casey Hopfer to discuss early season duck decoy strategies.


In this episode we cover waterfowl hunting basics and discuss everything you need to know to get started waterfowl hunting.

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